Submission Cut-off for December 2020

Please be advised of the following cut-off dates for all 2020 submissions to all UPMREB Review Panels, in view of the forthcoming Christmas break:
 8 December 2020 for the last day of screening applications
 9 December 2020 for the last day of receiving submissions
These deadlines refer to electronic submissions and note that only received submissions will be processed for inclusion in the January 2021 full board meetings and for expedited review action due in the first week of January 2021. The deadlines are being implemented to provide for ample time to process the submissions before the holiday break.
The requirement for hard copy submissions remains suspended. All reviews are facilitated online, and panel actions are communicated to investigators through electronic mail. In view of the urgent nature of specific COVID-19 related protocols, UPMREB is implementing a flexible system to facilitate panel actions as quickly as possible.
Note that protocols received until 9 December 2020, which are for Full Board Review will be decked as follows:
 07 January 2021 (Panel 1)
 19 January 2021 (Panel 2)
 25 January 2021 (Panel 3), for PGH Residents and Fellows
 14 January 2021 (Panel 4), for PGH Residents and Fellows

You may refer to the UPMREB website accessible at for further details on panel assignment based on date of submission.
For information and guidance of all concerned.