Announcement: Revised SOP - 25 June 2021 Uploaded

Download the revised SOPs and forms:
SOPs and Forms

Revised the following SOPs and forms:

Chapter II, III, and IV

SOP II Forms:
1. UPMREB FORM 2(A)2012 Review Checklist
2. UPMREB FORM 2(B)2012 Registration and Application Form
3. UPMREB FORM 2(G)2012 Meeting Agenda
4. UPMREB FORM 2(L)2019 Checklist for Exemption from Ethical Review

SOP III Forms:
1. UPMREB FORM 3(A)2012 Study Protocol Amendment Submission Form
2. UPMREB FORM 3(B)2012 Continuing Review Application Form
3. UPMREB FORM 3(C)2012 Final Report Form
4. UPMREB FORM 3(D)2012 Study NonCompliance Report
5. UPMREB FORM 3(E)2012 Early Study Termination Report Form
6. UPMREB FORM 3(F)2012 Site Visit Report Form
7. UPMREB FORM 3(G)2012 Suspected Unexpected Serious Adverse Events Report
8. UPMREB FORM 3(I)2012 Queries Notification and Complaints
9. UPMREB FORM 3(K)2018 SAE and SUSAR Protocol-specific Summary of Reviews

SOP IV Forms:
1. UPMREB FORM 4(A)2012 Format of the Minutes of the Meeting
2. UPMREB FORM 4(B)2019 Certification of Approval
3. UPMREB FORM 4(U)2021 Letter of Exemption from Ethical Review for Case Reports

1. GL-01

1. Chapter 2
2. Chapter 3
3. Chapter 4