UPMREB Operations during the UP Manila Health Break

In view of the Memorandum CCDP 2022-007: Health Break for Teachers and Employees (see
attached), the University of the Philippines Manila Research Ethics Board (UPMREB) will continue
its operations (electronic processing only) for time critical submissions such as continuing review,
resubmissions, amendments, etc., which if not processed, may lead to expiration of ethics clearance or
suspension of study recruitment. Work of staff will be staggered to comply with the mandated health
break while providing the following services:

1. Process all initial submissions received as of 14 January 2022, 12:00 P.M. and issue
corresponding UPMREB panel actions
2. Continue to receive, process, and issue corresponding UPMREB panel actions to all postapproval submissions
3. Conduct all scheduled regular panel meetings
4. Next business day response to all queries unless urgent (see below)

For urgent matters, cc the UPMREB Coordinator (ebjimenez@post.upm.edu.ph) in all
communications addressed to upmreb@post.upm.edu.ph. Regular screening and receiving of initial
submissions will resume on 24 January 2022.
For information and guidance of all concerned.

Please see signed memo: https://reb.upm.edu.ph/node/147