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The University of the Philippines Manila Research Ethics Board (UPMREB) was created on September 27, 2010 to integrate all existing ethics committees in UP Manila under a single research ethics board with component review panels, and guided by a unified set of standard operating procedures (SOPs). This initiative was intended to streamline and harmonize the process of ethics review, maximize the utilization of human and institutional resources, and provide a supportive and enabling environment for research in the university. View: Read more

Submission Cut-Off for December 2022

Please be advised of the following cut-off dates for all 2022 submissions to all UPMREB
Review Panels, in view of the forthcoming Christmas break:

▪ 07 December 2022 for the last day of screening applications
▪ 09 December 2022 for the last day of receiving submissions

UPMREB Level 3 Accreditation (Exp: 06 March 2026)

UPMREB Operations during the UP Manila Health Break

In view of the Memorandum CCDP 2022-007: Health Break for Teachers and Employees (see
attached), the University of the Philippines Manila Research Ethics Board (UPMREB) will continue
its operations (electronic processing only) for time critical submissions such as continuing review,
resubmissions, amendments, etc., which if not processed, may lead to expiration of ethics clearance or
suspension of study recruitment. Work of staff will be staggered to comply with the mandated health
break while providing the following services:

CCDP Memo 2022-007 -- "Health Break for Teachers and Employees

MEMO: Submission Cut-Off for December 2021

Download the signed copy here: https://reb.upm.edu.ph/node/144

Announcement: UPMREB Forms version 03 November 2021

Download the revised UPMREB Forms:
SOPs and Forms

Announcement: Revised SOP - 25 June 2021 Uploaded

Download the revised SOPs and forms:
SOPs and Forms

Revised the following SOPs and forms:

Chapter II, III, and IV

SOP II Forms:
1. UPMREB FORM 2(A)2012 Review Checklist
2. UPMREB FORM 2(B)2012 Registration and Application Form
3. UPMREB FORM 2(G)2012 Meeting Agenda
4. UPMREB FORM 2(L)2019 Checklist for Exemption from Ethical Review

Updating UPMREB website

We have updated the information under the following tabs:
1. Common Issues in Registration
2. FAQs
3. Process of Submission

UPMREB E-poster for FERCAP 2020: Tenacity amidst infirmity

UPMREB attended the 20TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE of the Forum for Ethical Review Committees in Asia and the Western Pacific (FERCAP) held last December 7-9, 2020 via Zoom, in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health - University of the Philippines Manila (NIH-UPM) in partnership with the Philippine Health Research Ethics Network (PHREN). The them of the conference is “Addressing Ethical Challenges During the COVID-19 Outbreak”.


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